Adapteri MHL – HDMI / MicroUSB-liitäntään liitettävä microUSB – HDMI -adapteri


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Micro-USB-liitäntään liitettävä microUSB – HDMI -adapteri,
joka mahdollistaa puhelimen liittämisen HDMI-liitännällä varustettuun televisioon tai projektoriin.

* MHL Adapter allows you to connect a Micro USB (5 Pin) port to a HDMI (Type A Female) equipped device.
* Designed For Use With MHL Enabled Device, make sure your phone is compatible before purchase.
* Share your photos, movies and content on the big screen.
* Display High Definition content on HD TV’s, Monitors, Projectors and many more. Specifications:
* HD:1920×1080/60Hz
* Audio Supports:192KHz,compatible with standard 7.1 sound channel,LPCM surround sound and compressed audio.
* With ultra-low work current and standby power consumption (less than 60mW)
* With high quality MHL wire: Common-mode Insertion Loss<-20 dB, Signal Insertion Loss For CBUS>-0.5dB
* Connector Size: 41.5*22*8.1mm
* Length: 129mm
* Certification: RoHs,CE

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